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Fractional CIO

Executive Technology Leadership

Many organizations need and want technology leadership but do not require a full-time CIO.  A fractional CIO is a senior leader who provides ongoing strategic guidance, offers thought leadership, leads technology development and optimization, and provides other tailored services aligned to your business’s needs. 

With a Fractional CIO you can get the expertise reporting to your executive leadership for the fraction of the time and cost.  The service brings technology to the table in the planning and execution of business strategy. 

Services Include: 

  • Establishing technology best practices
  • Providing advice and direction
  • Evaluating processes and leveraging technology to improve performance
  • Working with the business to identify gaps and aligning technology to the strategic plans of the organization
  • Leading your IT resources and providing coaching and development

IT Leadership Coaching

Guidance for Your IT Leader

Many IT leaders have grown up in the organization with the focus of keeping the lights on.  They are very good at supporting the day-to-day operations but are challenged in being the strategic IT leader the organization desires.  Our IT leadership coaching services focus on transforming the way technology is prioritized, delegation of duties, value to realization.  With our help you can transform into an innovative IT leader.

Governance and Change Management

Structured Decision Making

Change is hard especially when the impact to the business and employees is not foreseen or planned.  Putting a formal framework in place for evaluation and decision making can help to ensure technology investments and changes are supporting the business objectives.

Technology Assessments

Digital Evaluation of the Business

Organizations spend a tremendous amount of money annually on technology and the investments continue to go up every year.  In many cases, executives question the cost and continually try to reduce this cost.

A technology assessment evaluates not only the annual spend, but also the solutions that are in place and the value they are bringing to the organization.  Benefits of a technology assessment include observations and recommendations that can lead to improved efficiencies, reduced costs, and better alignment of technology to the strategic goals of the organization.

System Selection

Software and Business Alignment

Selecting a new system can be very time consuming, expensive, and disruptive to the organization.  A structured selection process can alleviate the disruption and drives positive outcomes.  Our selection process includes: 

  • Engage with stakeholders and technical subject matter experts to define requirements
  • Development of a request for information/proposal
  • Identify and narrow potential solutions
  • Issue request for information/proposal
  • Evaluate responses and narrow for vendor demonstrations
  • Develop a vendor scorecard
  • Facilitate vendor demonstrations
  • Evaluate proposals with project team
  • Vendor selection and contract negotiation 

In addition to the selection process, we can assist in supporting the implementation and go-live.  We can provide project management services as well as be the liaison between your organization and the vendor to better ensure successful outcomes.